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TOYS THAT KILL - Control the Sun (LP+DL)


Image of TOYS THAT KILL - Control the Sun (LP+DL)


01. Runnin The Front
02. The White Lies
03. Wired Resident
04. Blanket
05. All Dogs Are He's (All Cats Are She's)
06. Something In This Earth
07. Just One Jump
08. Bleeplines
09. Illegitimate
10. The World United Against Breeding (Ancient Youth)
11. Puppies With Rifles
12. Moon = Ghettobird
13. Song About Jed
14. No One


It's impossible to talk about TOYS THAT KILL without mentioning F.Y.P. To avoid dragging it out and becoming tedious like so many other bands have become before them, F.Y.P were deconstructed and sent to the great band graveyard in the sky, only to be mutated and resurrected as TOYS THAT KILL, all without losing a beat. More mature and introspective, yet maintaining the goofy humor and dropping only a little of their spastic energy, I think I even prefer this band to its forerunner, and that's no easy task. Keeping things fresh is the hardest job for any long-running band, and Control the Sun manages to do this, continuing where The Citizen Abortion continued where F.Y.P left off. The mangled playground songs and biting wit are still there, and have become mixed with a more cynical social commentary, all played to the same infectious tunes and solid punk rock that won't quit til it moves your ass. I've always found something almost tragic under all the bile and calamitous angst of FYP and TOYS THAT KILL, and this is evident on this record. Todd and Sean are superb songwriters-this may be the most underrated outfit in punk rock today. The album is rounded off with the trademark Recess artwork and great packaging, making this as essential as anything that has come before it. Buy!




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Recess #82