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Image of THEE MAKEOUT PARTY - Play Pretend (LP)


01. Wreckless Epic
02. 2EZ2LUVU
03. Run Kitty Run
04. My Birthday Suit
05. Pauline
06. So Close
07. Change
08. Kids
09. Good Girl @ Home
10. Raspberries
11 It's All Wrong


I've always been attracted to OC punk, although in its supposed "hey day" there was some pretty retarded shit goin' on. In 1986, I remember speed walking outta Fenders Ballroom while D.I. was playing cos I saw some dude with a knife dangling from his back and didn't go to any shows for a year or so. Although it wasnt D.I.'s fault and I actually loved the other OC bands at the time, I feel better about whats goin' on in Orange County nowadays. Bands like Pterodacdudes, Audacity, Drinkers Purgatory, and Thee Makeout Party sound nothing like each other, but share something that I aint even gonna try to explain on the internet! Thee's sound is not unlike the great power-pop that was unleashed by labels like Stiff Records (Wreckless Eric, Nick Lowe) and Posh Boy (Red Cross, the Simpletones) awhile back. This is Thee's debut LP! —T.C.


Recess #112