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Image of THE CLOSET FAIRIES - No Idea (LP)


01. Make Up
02. Election 1992
03. Whale Tattoo
04. I Can't Rewind
05. Pork and Beans
06. Bedwetter
07. Wet Brain
08. Popular Science
09. Painted In A Corner
10. Annette's Got The Hits
11. Wah Wah Wah Wah


If a band is defunct, I'm very hesitant to put out their stuff nowadays. Or at least it'll take forever, just to keep resources available for active bands. This is one of those releases that when I heard it about six years ago, I thought it was criminal not to have it out as an official release. Sure, I'll lose cash but I gotta do this!! That excitement turned into the biggest display of lag in the history of lagging. Well finally, Thanx to the help of President Jeff Bolt over at Stupid Bag who split this release with Recess, this has seen the light of day! Poor fella might even get some crap thrown at him over in West Philly. This is most "OG Recess sounding" release we've done in years. If that comes close to making sense. Either way, it's super good!! Comes with a small screen printed poster while supplies last.



• Includes 6 1/4 x 12 1/4" Screen Print Poster
• Split Release with Stupid Bag

Recess #161