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THE BANANAS - New Animals (CD)


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01. Gentrification For Dummies
02. New Animals
03. The Sundering Sea
04. Peanut Butter Cups
05. 12345
06. Time Bandits
07. Tomorrow
08. Jus' Folks
09. Things Will Get Worse
10. Nobody Loves You
11. Radio Action
12. Tick Tock
13. National Anthem
14. Roly Poly


My band was on tour with the Bananas once and at one show they were pushed to do a sound check. I was eating in another room downstairs when i heard them start. All of the sudden I caught myself wolfing down my food very fast like I was in a hot dog eating contest. The reason was cos it sounded like I was missing a huge fun party. When I finished I ran into the room they were playing and it was empty, like most sound checks are. Even from a faint thump street blocks away they have a spirit and energy that many other bands will never come close to even pretending to have. Their first three albums are mainstays in my stereo and never seem to lose charm or fail the test of time. Their 4th album, New Animals, promises even more longevity! Some of their best songs like "Gentrification for Dummies," "Radioaction," "National Anthem" and "Roly Poly" call this record home. Damn, I'm glad they exist! —T.C.



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