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[Other Labels] F.Y.P / Chaniwa - Split (CD)


Image of [Other Labels] F.Y.P / Chaniwa - Split (CD)



01. Hey Gorbie
02. I'm Gonna Kill Her
03. 18 & Tweaked
04. Hungover Girl
05. Pappy


06. Little Dog
07. We Can't Go Your Way
08. Feel It
09. Park 1820
10. Proud Cell


Your favorite format and ours, the split CDEP! Chaniwa hail from the punk rock capital of the (far) east Tokyo and are deemed "Japan's answer to F.Y.P," which I didn't realize was a question. Regardless, F.Y.P needs no introduction as they've released four proven seller full lengths and will be out sticking it to the man on the Take Action tour. Pony up, like it or not.

ED NOTE: I didnt write that.



• Released by Suburban Home & California Roll Japan

Suburban Home - 013
California Roll - 014