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F.Y.P - 5 Year Plan (LP+DL/CD)


Image of F.Y.P - 5 Year Plan (LP+DL/CD)


01. Stupid's On
02. Come Home Smelly
03. Outta My Head
04. Pappy
05. Hungover Girl
06. Hey Gorbie
07. Decorate
08. I'm Gonna Kill Her
09. Jerk Off
10. 18 & Tweaked
11. Love's Been No Good To Be
12. Disease
13. Keep Caroline
14. Wherever The Creeps Go


Don’t ask me how Recess reached its 100th release, all I know is that when it came, I wanted it to be an F.Y.P release and fortunately I had some F.Y.P demo material in the vaults. The songs on this release are the demo versions for the last F.Y.P album (F.Y.P - Toys That Kill Recess#67). Some of the songs never made it to the last album and one ("Keep Caroline") later became a TOYS THAT KILL song. These versions, in our opinion, are a tad superior due to its rawness. This is the way F.Y.P should sound? Maybe. —T.C.



• LP Includes Download

Recess #100