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BIG KITTY - Florence (LP-First Press)

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When friends get together and make far-out hillbilly music, this is what happens. Big Kitty is southern second, hillbilly first, because hillbillies are everywhere and the hillbilly spirit thrives as well by a pure-white wedding cake as in its native wastelands.

This band's name comes from a real live cat that, sadly, no longer stalks the earth. Big Kitty was Clark's cat, and there was also Little Kitty, whom he loved equally but whose name the band doesn't use, not for any particular reason, but that is just how it is. So Big Kitty travels underground of reasons and likes what it sees.

In fact, Big Kitty began in the year 2000 with only Clark, the main singer and songwriter, playing solo at the Bard, a doomed coffeeshop that opened where a Subway sandwich shop used to be in a strip mall in his hometown of Maryville, Tennessee. Over the decade Clark moved to Chattanooga and made a bunch of friends and played a lot of punk and old-time music and Big Kitty became the 6-piece band it is today, with charming Cole Champion (ADD/C, Future Virgins) on drums, the divine William Johnson (Sexy, Future Virgins) on lead guitar, the ambrosial Amanda Cagle on accordions, winds, organ, etc, darling Daniel Binkley (the New Binkley Brothers) on bass and banjo, the dreamy Yuriko Hoshino on harmony vocals, slide whistle, and shortwave radio, and the devilish Clark Williams (the New Binkley Brothers) on guitar and vocals. The band regularly engages in harsh but rewarding North Korean-inspired boot camps followed by team-building orgies and feasts and the (in)famous "slaughtering of the boar." In 2009 and 2010, Clark and Yuri embarked upon a scouting proselytizing mission around the USA playing stripped-down versions of Big Kitty songs. They were really damn happy to get back to Chattanooga where the Big Kitty costumes became ever more elaborate and their audiences seemed to get more exotic and frighted, I mean frantic and excited.

Side A
1. Bloody Sleeves
2.You Don't Forget About It
4.Decades of Trouble
5.Birds and Birds and Birds

Side B
7.Dressed Up Messed Up
8.Come on Closer Man
9. Milky Way Spin
10. Nibiru
11. Headed Nowhere